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Is CBD Oil Legal?

Yes. The FDA classifies hemp oil as a food-based product and as such, is considered legal. You do not need a special permit or referral from a doctor to use CBD oil.

Do I Get High from CBD in Hemp Oil?

No. All hemp oil products, in order to be legal, may have no more than .3% THC. All of the products we sell have no more than .3% THC, and in some instances, less than that, down to 0%. Since THC is the compound in marijuana that induces a “high,” there is no “high” or psychoactive effect from hemp oil. In fact, CBD oil actually has anti-psychoactive properties.

How is Hemp Different than Marijuana?

While both hemp and marijuana have evolved from a common cannabis mother plant, they are different in that hemp has little, or no, THC which is what makes marijuana psychoactive. Therefore, hemp will not get you “high.”

Will CBD Oil Help Me with My Illness?

Hemp oil has been consumed as a health supplement for thousands of years. However, because of its classification as a food supplement, we cannot make any specific health claims. We recommend that you conduct your own research using resources such as PubMed, ProjectCBD, Medical Jane, among others. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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While Hybrid Health is a company that sells hemp cannabidiol (CBD), we also think of ourselves as a community for those open to, and seeking, wellness alternatives The entire Hybrid Health team are customers ourselves, so as true believers in our CBD products online, we’ll take the time to make sure your needs are met. It’s always recommended to consult a healthcare provider before taking any supplement, and we hope our blog can be a helpful, central hub for information. Here you can find information from some of the most knowledgeable folks in the industry, including our founder, Elliot Galdy. If you have any questions about hemp cannabidiol (CBD), don’t hesitate to ask. We will always try to get back to you the same business day, or if after hours, the next business day. We greatly appreciate your interest in Hybrid Health and look forward to contributing to your well­being. If you are looking to buy CBD oil and hemp products online then take a tour through our website today.

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